First Post: Hi

So here I am, finally with a blog about my travels and the other thing I’m passionate about; heritage. I’m going to be writing a lot about my personal experiences and what I have seen and where I have lived. Nevertheless I will often focus on heritage aspects of where I have visited and the impact it has on tourism there.

Tourism and heritage seemingly go hand in hand. Everyone wants to visit the most famous landmarks and get a selfie in front of them, but we must not forget the need for a balance in protection and accessibility of our heritage. In essence sustainable tourism is of upmost importance.

I often visit places depending on what heritage they have on offer to visit. UNESCO’s World Heritage List is often a good place to start, however this is not a definitive list, and politics often plays a part as to which site gets listed. I have visited many places that had little in the way of recognition, or protection and these were often the most fulfilling personal experiences.

Anyway I’ll get into all that in my following posts. Now let’s talk a little about me. After all it’s my blog isn’t it? I’m a student in Germany studying for my M.A. in Heritage Conservation and Site Management. I originate from England, but have lived in Canada, Switzerland, Egypt, and now obviously Germany. I have visited many places and countries in my life and look forward to getting to see even more of our world.

I love the feeling of visiting a new place, the sense of adventure and excitement will never get boring. I hope to show you this in my blog, and look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Until next time. Safe travels.

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